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Mummy by Darcey.

Roses are red,
violets are blue.
You’re the best mum
that’s why I love you!

Life DownUnder by Riley

The first day in Aussie was a bit of a shock because I’m on the other side of the world and I’m away from all my friends. On our third day in Melbourne, we went to the beach and I got really sunburnt on my back, neck and arms – whoops! It really stung but after a few days it started peeling and then it wasn’t there any more. We were in Melbourne for 6 days and then we went to Merimbula for a week and stayed in my grandparents beach house. The body boarding at the beach that was only 5 minutes away was EPIC! WE’re back in Melbourne now and we have Bear home as well. Mum and I get up early to take her for walks to the beach before it gets too hot- she loves swimming in the sea and shaking and getting us both wet! Mum bought me a new scooter and tomorrow we’re going to the skate park. I start at my new school on Monday – I’m not fond of the uniform, but I’m sure I’ll get over it. It’s much bigger than St Andrew’s – there are nearly 800 students there but St Andrew’s play equipment is way better.


My strange reading place By Olivia B

On world book day I did the strange reading location competition. My location is Jurassic Park, I was so engrossed with the book that i didn’t even realise the dinosaur trying to eat my head! 2016-03-03 19.23.01

My second location was out of this world!2016-03-03 19.19.13

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