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Mummy by Darcey.

Roses are red,
violets are blue.
You’re the best mum
that’s why I love you!

Life DownUnder by Riley

The first day in Aussie was a bit of a shock because I’m on the other side of the world and I’m away from all my friends. On our third day in Melbourne, we went to the beach and I got really sunburnt on my back, neck and arms – whoops! It really stung but after a few days it started peeling and then it wasn’t there any more. We were in Melbourne for 6 days and then we went to Merimbula for a week and stayed in my grandparents beach house. The body boarding at the beach that was only 5 minutes away was EPIC! WE’re back in Melbourne now and we have Bear home as well. Mum and I get up early to take her for walks to the beach before it gets too hot- she loves swimming in the sea and shaking and getting us both wet! Mum bought me a new scooter and tomorrow we’re going to the skate park. I start at my new school on Monday – I’m not fond of the uniform, but I’m sure I’ll get over it. It’s much bigger than St Andrew’s – there are nearly 800 students there but St Andrew’s play equipment is way better.


My strange reading place By Olivia B

On world book day I did the strange reading location competition. My location is Jurassic Park, I was so engrossed with the book that i didn’t even realise the dinosaur trying to eat my head! 2016-03-03 19.23.01

My second location was out of this world!2016-03-03 19.19.13

Australia part 1 by Darcey

Tuesday 12/1/2016 we arrived at Brisbane,it was dark and we struggled to find the hotel in Palm Beach.In the morning me,Olivia,Sam And dad woke up at 5:55am and wounded down to the beach and went swimming.Me, Olivia and dad went shopping and bought breakfast. After that we went back to the beach, then went to K-mart to buy swim suits, sun cream and towels.

Joining Scouts from Jake

The Wednesday before the Christmas holidays I went to Thorn ford pub for scouts for a taster . The second week after being back at school I had scouts again witch we was cooking a desert because in 3 weeks we have a district cooking compition . for desert we are cooking spoty dick and main cause is fish and chip but we don’t know what the main cause is .

My Awesome Pony by Reuben

IMG_1129This Christmas I got a Pony! We came downstairs and unwrapped our presents that Father Christmas had left for us. We had some really cool presents from him like a lava lamp and a cuddly dinosaur.
Then it was time to unwrap my presents from mum.The presents were clues.I got a lead rope, a headcolar and a grooming kit.I started to get suspicious.Could I really be getting a pony? Mum would not tell me until we went to the yard to feed Seymour! There was a pony in the field with Seymour, MY PONY!!
His name is Floyd and he is a spotty pony.He is very friendly and I lead him in and I hope to ride him in the summer. I am so excited to do things with him and would like to do competitions with Floyd.

Percy the kitten by Olivia B

At my grandma’s house we have a new pet kitten called Percy, he is ginger and white and like to chase our other cat, Magpie. If you wiggle your toes in front of him, he will pounce on them and nibble them, it really hurts! I like it when he comes and sit next to me and tries to sit on me, he like doing it because my dressing gown feels like his mum’s fur. But he is overall very sweet. He is actually playing with his ball as I write this post, when we go out all you can hear is him meowing because he wants to be let out f his room. One night he fell asleep on me while were watching a film, when it had finished, I couldn’t get up because I didn’t want to wake him up! Everybody in my family love him!

Olivia B
with the kittens help!

Ice scating By Emily

On the 22nd December I went ice scaring with friends! I had a lot of fun there. Then I fell over and broke my arm!I’m not alowed to go ice scating again!Good I don’t want to!🙍

Christmas By Isabella

This year I got a tablet for Christmas! It was really exiting! I hope all my friends had a wonderful Christmas as well and I can’t wait to come back to school and learn new things!

Best wishes, Isabella 🙂

Christmas Acrostic poem By Evie

Cracking crackers
Hot Chocolate
Ripping open presents
Interesting gifts
Sleigh bells
Turkey lunch
Marvellous magic
Anxious present giving
Silent nights

By Evie

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